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We want to be the biggest supplier of best quality jute bags in the country with the generation of employment for poor people specially women.


1. Concentrating on jute bag production and building up capacity of our organization.
2. Emphasizing on quality of our bags by ensuring use of best quality raw materials and techniques.
3. Making products which are labor intensive and are high in demand.

Guiding Principles

1. Enterprising Spirit: We pursue growth passionately while accepting the entrepreneurial risk that comes with it. We are bold and strive to overcome challenges.
2. Freedom through Responsibilities: We always strive to do the right thing for the society and the best interest of our customers.
3. Be Ethical and Open Minded: We ensure no child labor is involved, all workers are paid decent wages, have safe working conditions and that the factory fulfills environmental standards. We are always open to new ways of doing things.
4. Provide the Perfect Product with Quality and Trust: We ensure that our customers get exactly what they want, which is a quality product, means we have to treat their brand to the highest level of trust and integrity.

Company Profile

We are very excited to introduce "Rochdale Biz" as one of the leading and fastest growing reputed eco-friendly products manufacturer & supplier of diversified jute & cotton goods. We have the ability to work with local and international companies interested in jute products and handicrafts. We aim to innovate while ensuring our supply chain is ethical and sustainable.

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Product Brochure

Rochdale Biz is the Trendy & Eco Friendly Jute & Cotton, Truly Jute Diversified Products Manufacturer in Bangladesh. We ensure best quality products, most competitive rates and dedicated services for Customers. We have a big range of varities in jute made product. We also deliver customized product accordig our clients design and measurement to satisfy our valued clients.

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Product Customization Guide

Rochdale Biz is committed to providing consistent quality of products and ensuring complete satisfaction of customers located around the world. In line with that technological development is viewed as a continuous task where such is needed to attend varying pattern of taste. We are proud to be a Bangladeshi enterprise for Bangladesh produces the best quality jute in the world.

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Reusable up to 4 years

Each bag replaces 600 disposable bags, reducing the production of kilos of CO2.

Jute Saves Nature

One hectre area of jute plants absorb 15 tons CO2 and releases 11 tons O2 to nature in three months. Jute is also the source of food, herbal medicine and fuel.

Let us reduce the number!!

Every minute one million plastic bags are used around the globe.By 2050 plastic wastages will be more than fishes in the oceans.

Footsteps in international Market

Buyer:World Market,Shipping Agent:Agility,
Fumigation Company:Scorpion,Inspection Company:Bureau Veritas,
Destination:Stockton, USA and Virginia, USA

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We are proud member of:

1. Bangladesh Jute Goods Exporters Association5. Bangladesh Jute Association
2. Bangladesh Jute Diversification Promotion Center6. Banglacraft
3. International Jute Study Group7. Ministry of Jute
4. Jute values in project, CARE Bangladesh8. Switch to Jute
Our Jute Bags are used by: