About Us

Since establishment Rochdale Biz is one of the fastest growing manufacturers and exporters of jute, jute-cotton, jute-leather bags, jute-rugs and other jute related products. Rochdale Biz is now a very popular name in most European and African countries for creating eco- friendly products fabricated from natural and bio-degradable material like jute. Our exclusive collection of products made from superior fine quality jute are found as common utility and decorative items in hundreds of thousands of houses across the world.

We have a team of highly skilled and experienced weavers, who are in this profession hereditarily and hence work with pride keeping in mind domestic as well as international standards. We create our own designs as well as we can design as per the buyers’ choice. Besides, we also accept customized orders. Products are available in different colors, design and sizes. We bring in aristocracy through addition of value by combining leather, cotton and metals with jute fabrics. We welcome heartily any customer from any where in the world.

Product range
To meet prevailing market across the world we have arrayed our inventory of collection. Currently the product range includes:

•    Jute Bags
•    Cotton Bags
•    Wine Bags
•    Designer Bags
•    Beach-tote Bags
•    Jute Cushion Covers
•    Jute Rugs
•    Jute Trays
•    Jute Placemats
•    Jute Mats
•    Jute Curtains
•    Jute Wedge Espadrille Shoes/Sandals
•    Hessian Cloth / Fabric / Burlap, Hessian Bags
•    Jute Sacking bag
•    Jute Twine/yarn
•    Carpet backing cloth (CBC)
•    Jute Geo-tex


Rochdale Biz is committed to providing consistent quality of products and ensuring complete satisfaction of customers located around the world. In line with that technological development is viewed as a continuous task where such is needed to attend varying pattern of taste. We are proud to be a Bangladeshi enterprise for Bangladesh produces the best quality jute in the world. Thus it has to yield the best possible products with the touch of a group of skill workers. We have various mechanisms for quality checks under the supervision of experienced professionals.

Customer satisfaction
We are in business for the customers and therefore it is to us of paramount importance that customers needs and satisfaction has to be dealt with utmost care. This objective is being nourished by the company since its birth. Since we place reliance on customers’ choice and desire, our approach is heterogeneous contemplating buyers of different parts of the world. Our dedicated experts for different buyers help us to maintain a consistent quality. We put in our best effort to attend our customers need at the least possible time.

Why to choose us?
We are successful in business because our customers want to be to successful. They like following of our qualities:
•    World’s best quality raw materials
•    Highest standard of skill personnel
•    Timely delivery
•    Client centric approach
•    Cost effectiveness
•    Customization
•    Wide market presence